The nature and complexity of changes in reporting framework is happening at a brisk pace with incremental requirements to identify varied nature of transactions and reporting them. The continuous evolution of the requirements are driven by factors including  macro-economic conditions, diversity in revenue channels and delivery of goods/services, and increased reliance on financial statements by shareholders, banks/financial institutions and government agencies. We deliver assurance services with cognizance of the relevant standards and requirements of the professional standards expected. Our focus is on evaluating the changed reporting requirements in advance and work with our clients in addressing the implication with clarity and agility.

Our Assurance Services include:

Financial Statements' Attestation - Statutory Audit of the financial statements of the organization in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP) in India as per Indian Companies Act, 2013.  

Review & Reporting to overseas Parent Companies in line with the IFRS / US GAAP- While the basic accounting treatment is similar across the frameworks, owing to the contractual, market, and regulatory conditions, there are differences in accounting treatment for certain transactions. In case of multi-national/ group reporting, these differences are of significance given dual reporting requirement of the subsidiary in the country in which it is located and the country in which the ultimate parent reports. At SKA, we have partners with significant exposure to  IFRS and US GAAP who can help in identification of the differences in accounting and review of the global reporting. In addition, we can also perform the review of the disclosure of Non-GAAP measures that are made by the ultimate parent relating to the auditee Company.

Limited Reviews as required under Listing Agreement issued by SEBI - Per clause 41 of the listing agreement with SEBI, the company shall submit its quarterly, half-yearly, year to date and annual financial results to the stock exchange in the manner prescribed. The company has an option either to submit audited or unaudited quarterly and year to date financial results to the stock exchange. SKA can help perform the limited review of the listed companies and issue a report of such review. 

Agreed upon Procedures - Companies are required to issue a report of certain transactions or factual findings, based on specified procedures. Some examples of such reports could be transactions with related parties, sales and profit of specific segment and carve out financial statements. With due consideration of the nature of the business and industry in which it operates, we perform specified procedures on the subject matter that will be agreed upon with the management.

Certification services - Certain financial information needs to be certified for various purposes such as tendering process, regulatory requirements or on request of third parties. As part of our assurance services, we also provide necessary certification services to our clients

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